Are you experiencing symptoms, Post-Covid?

Brain fog, shortness of breath, and loss of smell and taste are a few of the symptoms that can remain with patients even beyond 4 weeks after a COVID-19 virus exposure.

Telehealth Services for Long COVID

CovidEMT offers patient-centered care for long COVID* patients, addressing a wide range of potential post-COVID symptoms from the comfort of your home. Our initial evaluations begin four weeks after the onset of post-COVID symptoms.

What we do?

At COVID EMT, we are more than a basic healthcare clinic. Our team specializes in telehealth services, giving you access to a healthcare provider whenever you need support. We specialize in patients ages 18 and older with long-COVID (a patient who has been experiencing symptoms for more than 12 weeks since being diagnosed with COVID), individuals whose symptoms continue 4–12 weeks after the initial COVID diagnosis. We continue to offer COVID-19 testing for both rapid antigen and PCR. We now have combo (COVID+Flu) RT-PCRs at some of our locations. Patients who test positive with us for either COVID or flu and symptomatic individuals with comorbidities have immediate access to our experienced healthcare provider via telehealth consultation (currently in Texas locations only). Book online to schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our medical professionals.

Convenient Drive-up COVID testing at multiple locations

Just drive up to any of our testing locations, and our medical professionals will be available to take care of you. We accept testing for walk-ins as well!

At-Home Consultations

There is no need to drive to a local clinic. Schedule a remote appointment at your convenience.

Medical Experts

Our team consists of highly trained and experienced healthcare professionals.


Long COVID is defined as having symptoms for at least 12 weeks after being exposed to the COVID-19 virus. We assist in providing long-term COVID treatment for all patients 18 and older. Call us anytime!

Post-acute symptoms

Symptoms that last 4-12 weeks since being diagnosed with COVID

Meet with an Online Healthcare Provider

Visit with a board-certified provider from the comfort of your home. Our caring and experienced providers have many years of experience in practicing medicine. We are here to help you address all of your long COVID concerns. Book a virtual appointment with a trusted and licensed provider at your convenience.

What we treat?

We accept all major Insurance Plans

Minimize out-of-pocket costs by working with our office staff to leverage your available healthcare coverage. In addition, we assist with every aspect of insurance billing.